Do you want to change something?


Do you want to change something?




Solution-oriented attention and support in difficult times and during development processes. A safe space for your concerns and fears as well as your needs



Novel questions and goal-oriented interventions broaden the perspective on your professional topic - together we develop a suitable solution



Individual and group training focusing on confidence and presence when speaking, energy management, leadership and effective communication



"The coaching was definitely a great help for me. For me it was very important and helpful to first have to think about my topic and then structure and classify it with support. In particular, exploring different alternative courses of action was extremely helpful, and I was surprised by the result. I left with confidence and a very positive attitude."

"The exchange brought more clarity into my confusion and together we developed concrete solutions. I also learned some tools that I still use regularly.”

"I particularly liked the fact that she made a detailed record of the interview and then gave it to me. That helped me a lot, even after the coaching, to come back to my main points again and again. Although I dictated the points indirectly, I could not have written this list of priorities like this."

"My breakup had completely derailed me. Our sessions gave me a lot of support. Time and again she steered me from my spiral of thoughts back to my needs and opened up a vision for my future. Ultimately, the counseling made me move on."

“The corona crisis had pulled the rug out from under my feet. I'm really glad I made up my mind to seek help. The guidance gave me confidence and a foothold again and now I have a clearer plan for the near future. I don't know how I would have done it without our sessions!"