Systemic coaching builds on your knowledge and competence. By listening carefully, asking novel questions and solution-focused interventions, we broaden the perspective on your topic and work together to find a solution that is tailored to you.

When does coaching make sense?

  • Professional decisions or reorientation phases
  • Structural changes in the workplace
  • Personal development processes in a professional context
  • Challenging interpersonal working relationships

What happens during coaching?

  • Structuring complex challenges
  • Mapping of wishes and goals
  • Developing new scopes of action
  • Defining concrete solutions and planning of first steps

What are the benefits of coaching?

  • Structure in complex decision-making options
  • Ways out of seemingly deadlocked situations
  • Defining of solutions and planning first steps
  • Support for self-responsible action


60/90 minutes
In person, online or via phone