Psycho-social counseling offers solution-oriented support and attention in difficult times, during development processes, and when dealing with painful experiences or fears.

When does counseling make sense?

  • Emotionally difficult situations
  • Family or couple problems
  • Personal reorientation phases
  • Challenging interpersonal relationships
  • Stressful experiences and fears

What happens during the consultation?

  • Room for worries, fears and insecurities
  • Recognizing needs and wishes
  • Noticing personal patterns
  • Working on possible behaviors
  • Developing new scopes of action

What is the point of advice?

  • Strengthening in stressful situations and life crises
  • Ways out of seemingly deadlocked circumstances
  • Dissolving feelings of guilt
  • Mindfulness for personal needs
  • Support for self-responsible action


60/90 minutes
In person, online or via phone